Are All Agents Created Equally?

Funny that you ask.. do I think that all agents have the resources to do their job the right way? Yes.  In that case we are all equal, or at least should be.  The problem that I see often is that some Agents don't take advantage of all the tools out there to market their listings in the best way possible.


Check out the facts:

  • 92% of homebuyers are starting their home search ONLINE!
  • Homes with professional, high definition photos, are getting more attention!
  • Picture slideshows are ANCIENT and are being IGNORED.
  • Buyers want to see a real walk through video of the home!


Before a buyer even sets foot into your home you want an agent that is going to put as much information about the home out there.  What floor are bedrooms on, how big are those bedrooms, etc.  Buyers appreciate this information.  Pictures cannot fully display the layout of a home, and a walk through video tour can really give the buyer a better idea on the layout.  Showing your home off to the best of my ability is what ALL Agents should be doing when they list a home! Sadly, many don't.  

When you go to sell your home, be sure to hire an agent that is maximizing the exposure of your home!


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