When appraisals are discussed, all parties tend to become a little more tense and nervous.  This is a complete stranger's single opinion of your homes worth and he/she is basically what is standing in front of your family's future.  Whether you're upgrading, downsizing, selling or buying.


It is important that you approach this step in the process PROACTIVELY.  Reacting to an appraised value AFTER it has come in often times never works out in anyone's favor.  Being proactive can ensure that the home will appraise at contract price.


Educating the appraiser is KEY.  THIS is being proactive.  Inform the appraiser of things that they may not know off the bat.  Things that only a resident would know, for example.  Let the appraiser know of the updates and upgrades that you've done so you can prove to them that the value is THERE! These are just a few examples of what information I provide to Appraisers as they come out to my listings.  


If you have considered selling in the past, and have questions, I am always happy to chat.  


I hope that this video and information was helpful! Let me know what else you'd like to see on the Blog!


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