Alright! Today we’re going to talk about 5 things that you need to do to get your home ready for an inspection. Alright, so you’re under contract and you’re excited but you’re also nervous because you know that the buyer is going to do an inspection during their option period, or inspection period, depending on where you are.  It has different names.

So here’s some of the top 5 things that I see come up on an inspection report that a seller can do before hand that will save them a lot of money. These are in no order.

1)      Your drains.  So if there are ladies in the house or a guy with long hair if your sinks or bathtubs or showers are not draining properly, the inspector is going to mark that as deficient and most buyers are going to want that looked at and most plumbers aren’t the cheapest people in the whole wide world. So go ahead and put some drain-o down there. And don’t put just drain-o down there and think it’s good.  Get one of those snake things, don’t be a cheap as here.  Get the things that you need to take the hair out and it could potentially save you a lot of money.  So go ahead and take care of those drains.

2)      Doors. Alright, if you’re house is haunted and you have spirits that open and close the door periodically, there is a really easy what to take care of this.  Most doors are going to have three hinges.  You’ve got one on top, middle, and bottom.  So you’re going to pop that middle pin out, lay it on the ground, I highly recommend that you don’t do this on your wood floors. Put it on some concrete, and just tap it with a hammer and you’re going to put just a little bit of a bend in it.  You’re not trying to make a boomerang here. Clean it off with some WD-40 and put it back there, and that is going to create just enough friction that the door will not open and close freely. Now I’m not talking about covering up foundation issues! If you have foundation problems, that’s a different situation.  I’m talking about a door that slowly opens and slowly closes.

3)      Light bulbs. Now, the inspector probably knows that it’s just a lightbulb and you probably know that it’s just a lightbulb, but the inspector has to mark it as deficient and if they buyer says they’re not going to close on this house unless you have an electrician look at it then you’re probably going to pay someone $100-200 just to come out and put a light bulb in.  So go ahead and make sure that all of your lightbulbs are working properly.

4)      Air filter.  Now this is actually pretty common.  The AC filter might be really really dirty and this can do 2 things.  1- It’s going to show the buyer that you maybe don’t take care of your house, so that’s going to make them uneasy.  2- If that AC filter is really dirty, you’re not going to get enough air flow and that can actually keep the AC from cooling properly.  The inspector is going to mark it as deficient and the great thing about this is an AC person is not going to come out and just replace the filter! They’re going to want the whole thing serviced so it’s going to cost you quite a bit of money. 

5)      Trim shrubbery and trees.  If your buyer is going VA or FHA this can actually be something that the appraiser makes a note of by saying that it is a condition of closing.  Meaning that it needs to be taken care of before that appraiser will sign off on that appraisal.  The reason is if you have a lot of shrubs pushed up against your property it can be considers a conducive condition to wood destroying insects like termites or carpenter ants.  So just make sure that’s trimmed back about 4-6 inches and you should be fine there. 

That’s the top 5 things that I see come up on inspections that the seller could have taken care of and would have saved them a lot money because now they don’t have to pay a professional do it.  In the contract, it states that a licensed person or person of that trade has to take care of any repairs unless otherwise agreed upon.  And most buyers don’t want sellers doing their own repairs.


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