Hello this is Realtor Chris Hall with Keller Williams in Southlake Tx.  Today I'd like to talk about whether you should or should not get an inspection done on your new construction.

So real quick we're going to go over three different types of inspections or three different phases if you will of inspections and when you might want to have those done.

1. You can contract with an inspector and have a series of inspections done throughout the building process. This is going to be the most costly, but that inspector is going to have the opportunity to catch any mistakes before the sheetrock goes in, wiring, plumbing, so on and so forth.

2. The most common is having an inspection done before you're actually closing on the home. A few weeks before closing you meet the inspector and the do an overview of the whole property, you go over the report, and the builder will fix most of the items. Keep in mind, some of these might be code, so that's just a conversation you're going to have with that particular builder.

3 . This is not very common but I really advise my buyers to do, is have an inspection eight to ten months after you've actually lived in the home. Now the vast majority of builders are going to have a one year warranty on that property. Everything will be in that warranty, even cosmetic items. That's why I think it's a really good idea to have that inspector come out eight to ten months after you've lived in that home. You being the homeowner, living there every day, you're going to find items that are wrong with the property  and that inspector is going to be able to find even more.

Always get an inspection done on new construction, just decide on when you think the best time to have that inspection is.