Where do you want to live? That’s a big question that a lot of folks need to answer. As they say in Real Estate, “Location is everything.” So, the number one thing that I like to look at is distance from work.  Maybe this is important to somebody.  They want to be right down the street from their office, maybe they don’t mind driving you know 40 minutes to an hour to work. That’s going to really open your search area.  The next thing is going to be schools. Schools are important even if you don’t have kids because that is going to affect the resale of a property.  If you don’t have kids maybe it’s important for different reasons.  I would say determine if you want a specific school, a specific school district, or maybe there are specific things that you want in that school or school district. That would be more for a lot of folks relocating in the area.  Now, the next one is going to be community.  What do you want in your community? Are you looking for a newer community? I do notice that you see a lot more younger folks in newer communities but I do see that you don’t have as many trees and it doesn’t have that older feel to it.  More established is a better word than old. Or maybe you want a more established neighborhood with more larger trees or parks with larger trees and things of that nature. So determine what’s important to you in your community.  The next one would be proximity to family.  Maybe you want to be close to your in-laws, or maybe you don’t. So I would say determine how close you want to be to family if you have family in the area.  So that would be the top 4 things that I see people use to determine their location for their next home.